That's us...

The kennel " vom Hirschenschlag" is a heart project, which was not planned at all, rather it seems that it had to make its way in our lives.

It was back in 2012, when our first bernese girl moved in, that our lifes changed and never ever would be the same again.

We were very truly touched and amazed (and of course still are) by the depth of the character of these dogs and hence it wasn't long until we went to look for berner number two ;-). Finally, over the years more and more bernese joined our pack <3 


Above all, we were fortunate enough that we started out with wonderful breeders and mentors, who taught us a lot about the breed and the type of breeder we wanted to be. 

We put a lot of importance on the health, longevity and soundness of the dogs, we breed. Nevertheless, dogs are animals and cannot be (luckily enough) bred in a laboraty, therefore we decided to breed according the the following mission:


For the Love of our Dogs

Dogs are our passion and only when you love what you do, you do it good. As Anatole France (1902) once said "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened".


Responsibility for Life

We care for our dogs and puppies from the bottom of our heart. It is highly important for us to find loving and caring homes for our pups and we will always be there in case of questions and rescues.


Healthy means Happy

Health is a top priority. All our dogs are regularly checked by the vet and HD/ED/OCD x-rayed. Every pup is vaccinated, chipped and checked by the vet prior to moving into their forever homes.



All questions will be answered honestly, all matings and the development of the pups throughout the first weeks of their life are well documented and can be seen upon request.


 Since then, we spend every day with this beautiful companions, worked together and learned heaps of lessons from each other. Every moment is precious and just shows how deeply this breed connects with their loved ones.


At the moment, we live in small village in the western part of Styria in Austria in a house with a large garden.

Our dogs live with us together in the house and puppies are raised both indoor and outdoors.