Buddy vom Hirschenschlag

Luribee's Little Miss Sunshine X Fantastic Dreamer U Zrodel Wisly   DoB: 10-12-2017



HD A/A, ED-0, DM: N/N (1) N/DM, (2), Antagene: MH-B

Genomische Zuchtwerte: LL 105, HD 89, ED 97, MH 91

Buddy - our bear :) 

A very strong male with an amazingly balanced character. Sometimes we can't believe that such a bear can be so soft and loving. 

This boy is simply amazing - a bernese male we always dreamed of. 

He is definitely everything we look for in a male - strong bones; harmonic proportions, dark eyes, correct in front and behind, super nice coat  and most of all his super easy, confident and loving character. 

We are more than grateful to have him with us :) 

VSSÖ Körbericht Buddy vom Hirschenschlag
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IHA Salzburg 2019 youth class excellent 2/2  
IHA Wieselburg 2019 intermediate class excellent 1, CACA  
VSSÖ Siegerschau 2019 intermediate class very good 4/4  
EURODOG 2019 intermediate class excellent 3/10  
CACIB Sarvar 2019 intermediate class excellent 1, CACA  
IHA Oberwart 2019 intermediate class excellent 2, Res. CACA  
VSSÖ Herbstschau 2019 intermediate class excellent 1, CACA  
IHA Wels 2019 intermediate class excellent 1, CACA, Res.CACIB  
IHA Graz 2020 open class excellent 2, Res. CACA  
VSSÖ Klubschau 2021 open class excellent 1/15, BOB  

progeny - offspring

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