Luribee's Little Miss Sunshine "Abby" [retired]

DeVael Absolutely Beautiful X High Oaks X-Factor   DoB: 23-04-2015

(ÖHZB/BS 5334)

HD-A/A, ED-0, DM: N/DM

Abby, a little gem with unrestrained energies, definitely decided to move in before we were aware of that fact. Well, apparently you cannot resist these sweet eyes looking so innocent ;-) So, as it is the case most of the time with Bernese we immediately lost our hearts and she became part of our family <3

Abbs is a very secure and self-confident young bernese lady, filled with heaps of love and fun... Always on the run, playing around, making troubles and keeping us busy ;-)

Sweet as a little pumpkin you wouldn't expect such a temperament - however, this makes her soo special and unique!


Nelly quickly took over the part of a "mummy" and with Gibbs she found a big brother to play with...

Now imagine having two very active Bernese at home - you might understand that "Ramba-Zamba" is an understatement at the moment ;-)


CACIB Lipica I 2015 Puppy Class
Very Promising: Best Puppy Monika Baha (A)
CACIB Lipica II 2015 Puppy Class
Very Promising: Best Puppy Andras Korózs (H)
IHA Wels 06.12.2015  Youngsters Class
Very Promising 1/2 Regula Bürgi (CH)
CACIB Celje 20.02.2016  Junior  Excellent 1/2 Best Junior Female  
IHA Graz 06.03.2016  Junior  Excellent  Aniko Juhasz (H)
IHA Salzburg 10.04.2016  Junior  Excellent 1/7, Best Junior Female
 Uschi Eisner (A)

Pedigree_Luribees Little Miss Sunshine
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