Gusto Opolskie Bernesy "Gibbs"

Edelwaise z Deikowej Doliny X Street Glide av Lee Armand    DoB: 23-06-2013

(ÖHZB/5167)  Berner-Garde ID: 124812

HD-A,  ED-0, OCD-free,  DM N/DM

Love at first sight definitely exists, because this is what has happened between us und this little boy back in 2013.


Gibbs, a male puppy taken all the long way home from Poland from the great kennel "Opolskie Bernesy" took his first steps in his new home and it was clear that at the age of 10 weeks he made it to his forever home.

 Nelly became is great bernese love and since then our lifes have never been boring. However, the little boy grew up to a big boy with great potential in obedience and protection dog classes.

But he is not only a great protection dog and a wonderful companion through life, he is also particularly humorous.


Fact is, that our lifes would be so much more gray without his special bernese humour and he makes every day so much brighter through his love and presence! :)

PEDIGREE Gusto Opolskie Bernesy
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Breeding Evaluation Gusto Opolskie Bernesy
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CACIB Lipica 2015 (27 Monate)
CACIB Lipica 2015 (27 Monate)

IHA Wels 2014
Youth Class
Very Good
Regina Rieger (A)
IHA Graz 2015 Intermediary Class
Exc. 3
Bafia Zoltan (HU)
VSSÖ CACA Klubschau 2015 Intermediary Class
Very Good
Joel Bardet (F)
IHA Tulln 2015 Open Class
Very Good
Claude Sautebin (CH)
CACIB Lipica I 2015 Open Class
Very Good 2
Monika Baha (A)
CACIB Lipica II 2015 Open Class
Exc.2 Res. CAC
Andras Korózs (HU)