DeVael Shot of Happyness "Hope"

DeVael Cool Breeze X DeVael Just Call me Earl   DoB: 28-03-2015

HD-B, ED-0, DM: N/DM

Hope at the age of 2 years
Hope at the age of 2 years

Beautiful and calm, with a lovely temperament this little lady came all the way from Spain. 

She immediately made friends with everyone around and developed to be a very easy going girl, not afraid of anything and interested in the whole world ;-)


She's particularly in love with her "cat-friend" Lanzi and of course her cousin Abby is the best buddy to spend time with!


Sweet - Beautiful - Amazing - Adorable

words are definitely not enough to describe this wonderful Bernese girl

Hope with 6 months
Hope with 6 months

Breeding Test Results_DeVael Shot of Happyness
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