Bella-Nella vom Ilzbach "Nelly" [retired]

Oxana vom Jauntal X Xander's Hill Happy   DoB: 16-04-2012

(ÖHZB/4909)  Berner-Garde ID: 124830

HD-A, ED-0, OCD-free, DM N/N

Our girl "Nelly" is the reason for nearly every change that took place within the last years after she decided to move in. She did not solely move into our house, but took the direct road into our hearts.


She is a souldog, a caring girl spreading her unconditional love every single day just to make the people around happy.


Being our first breeding dog, this girl is something very very special and we hope that we gonna spend a lot more years side by side!

VSSÖ-Körbericht Bella-Nella vom Ilzbach
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PEDIGREE Bella-Nella vom Ilzbach
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IHA Graz 2013
Youth Class
Very Good
Istvanne Juhasz (HU)
IHA Klagenfurt 2013 Youth Class
Very Good
Zidar Miroslav (SL)
IHA Graz 2014 Intermediary Class
Very Good
Gabriele Schrank (A)
VSSÖ CACA Klubschau 2015 Open Class
Very Good
Jan Herngren (S)